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School Film Archives

School Film Archives

16th - 20th september | 09:00AM - 02:30PM | Gdynia Film Centre - Galeria GCF
With teenage festival participants in mind, a series of "Be critical!" debates, lectures, and classes based on the repertoire of the event, film and "School Film Archives Studio" reportage workshops, as well as Film Urban Game have been prepared. All of them for young people from both primary and secondary schools.

The School Film Archive is a program run by the National Film Archive – the Audiovisual Institute with the support of the Polish Film Institute. The website provides a collection of over 120 feature, documentary and animated films for all stages of school education, as well as teaching and film materials.

We encourage schools that want to engage in activities in the field of film education to participate in classes conducted throughout Poland by teachers – School Film Leaders, educators – Traveling Film Experts, and invited experts.