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Operational programmes of the Polish Film Institute for 2020 and the strategy for 2020-2023

19th september | 11:00AM - 01:30PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre
The panel is going to be dedicated to the state of Polish cinema and the tools of institutional regulation of the film industry. The experts are going to start a debate on the challenges of Polish cinema and the role of the Polish Film Institute in creating the market. We are going to discuss the question of opportunities and threats for the Polish film market and their prospects for the future. We are also going to present the assumptions of the Operational Programmes for the year 2020. Guests: Radosław ...

Return of the reveller – discussion about the film

19th september | 04:30PM - 05:30PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
In 2017 the National Centre for Film Culture in Łódź took on the reconstruction of Kazimierz Prószyński’s invention, the bio-pleograph, which – similarly to a cinematograph – used to be both a camera and a projector. Having finished the works on the device, the team of the NCFC started the next stage of the reconstruction process, that is the recreation of Return of the Reveller. The film is going to be presented during the Opening Gala of the 44th Polish Film Festival. There is also going to be...

Meeting with Oscar-nominated Clyde Henry Production animation studio

19th september | 06:00PM - 07:00PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
We invite you to the meeting with the representatives of the Canadian animation studio Clyde Henry Productions, co-created by Maciek Szczerbowski and Chris Lavis – the makers of a VR animated project entitled Gymnasia, presented at the 44th Polish Film Festival. The directing duo also made a film Madame Tutli-Putli which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007. During the meeting moderated by Grzegorz Skorupski (Adam Mickiewicz Institute) we are also going to enjoy the company of Brigitte Henry from C...

Special Effects: “We can handle this in post”

20th september | 10:00AM - 11:30AM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
The subject of the workshop / panel discussion is a general notion of postproduction and special effects. How to prepare for this stage of work on a film? Should you make some arrangements during the production period or even earlier? How can small changes in filming decrease the costs of postproduction? Do you need a Star Wars budget to allow for special effects? Or maybe it’s a good idea to replace certain kinds of work on the set with postproduction? Panel discussion hosted by Chimney Poland is a case...

Technological changes and the future of cinematography - streaming platforms and new trends on the market

20th september | 12:00PM - 01:00PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
Where will we watch movies in 10 years? Will film premieres move from movie theaters to our computer screens? What will the cinema of the next decade look like and is it prepared for the challenges it faces? During the panel, we will consider how technological changes and new fields of operation affect the future of cinema. Guests: Radosław Śmigulski (General Director of the Polish Film Institute), Leszek Bodzak (Aurum Film), Piotr Ochalski (TVN Player). 20.09. 12.00-13.00 Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centrum ...