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Directing children's film - hot or not?

18th september | 04:15PM - 05:30PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
Come to a debate with children’s films directors. How did it affect their careers? How are they perceived by the market? Is it easier or harder to make a “normal” film now? Film school students and graduates afraid that directing a children’s film is lame are especially invited. Host: Artur Wyrzykowski 18.09. 4.15 P.M.–5.30 P.M.Mercure Gdynia Centre, Omega Room
Nespresso Talents Panel Discussion. Let's talk about movies over some good coffee.

Nespresso Talents Panel Discussion. Let's talk about movies over some good coffee.

18th september | 05:45PM - 06:45PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
During the discussion panel we will talk about the international Nespresso Talents film competition. Aimed at film school students and young creators willing to tell incredible stories, Nespresso Talents is an international short film competition searching for the biggest talents in the world. By working with budding filmmakers, Nespresso fulfils its promise to make a change for the better. We all know that socially-engaged films can shape reality. But do we use their full potential? Our special guests will...

Producer's breakfast

19th september | 10:00AM - 11:00AM | Gdynia Film Centre
The Young Producers Section at the Polish Producers Alliance would like to invite filmmakers to a networking meeting during the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.  20.09. 10.00-11.00 Gdynia Film CentreFaBuła Café

Overview of the VR films from around the world

19th - 20th september | 10:00AM - 05:00PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Lazurowa Room
Standing in line with the most important film festivals in the world, for the first time in the history of the Gdynia festival, we invite you to a review of world achievements in the field of VR cinema (Cinematic VR). The screenings will take place in a specially prepared VR cinema. The following films will be screened: "Conscious Existence" (10'), "Ghost in The Shell VR" (16'), "Micro Giants" (6'), "My Africa" (10'), "Under The Canopy" (10'),' Isle Of Dead '(7'), "Kinoscope" (11 ') 18.09. 13.30-17.00 19...

Presentation: National Film Board Of Canada

19th september | 10:00AM - 11:00AM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
The National Film Board of Canada is a Canadian public organisation which deals with the production and distribution of films and digital media. The NFB produces, co-produces and distributes documentary films, interactive films, animated films and VR films. So far, for their productions the NFB have won 12 Academy Awards and 74 Academy-Award nominations – the most among all film producers outside Hollywood. The presentation at the 44th Polish Film Festival is going to be hosted by Rob McLaughlin, a journa...