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VR Cinema

18th september | 10:30AM - 12:30PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
Is virtual reality a real threat to the cinema? Or maybe VR and AR are a natural step forward in its evolution, like sound back in the silent film era? An opportunity to discuss the future that happens now to the dissatisfaction of some. Guests: Marcin Marczyk (CVR expert, Total Immersion Foundation), Jacek Nagłowski (CVR director/producer, VR/AR VN LAB at Lodz Film School), Marcin Łunkiewicz (CVR producer, chain of cinemas VR by 18.09. 10.30 A.M.–12.30 P.M.Mercure Gdynia Centre, Omega Room...


18th september | 12:30PM - 01:30PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
What were art houses 60 years ago and what are they now? How to marry ambitious repertoire with market pressure? Come to discuss about the arthouse phenomenon, its function, challenges and prospects on Polish cinema market and in film culture promotion. Guests: Monika Piętas-Kurek (Head of Department of Film Culture Dissemination, PFI), Andrzej Goleniewski (Arthouse Cinemas Network), Maciej Gil (Edison Circus Film Culture Support Foundation), Piotr Zakens (Rialto Cinema in Poznan) 18.09. 12.30 P.M.–1....

Overview of the VR films from around the world

18th september | 01:30PM - 05:00PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Lazurowa Room
Standing in line with the most important film festivals in the world, for the first time in the history of the Gdynia festival, we invite you to a review of world achievements in the field of VR cinema (Cinematic VR). The screenings will take place in a specially prepared VR cinema. The following films will be screened: "Conscious Existence" (10 '), "Ghost in The Shell VR" (16'), "Micro Giants" (6 '), "My Africa" (10'), "Under The Canopy" ( 10 '),' Isle Of Dead '(7'), "Kinoscope"(11 ') 18.09. 13.30-17.00...

Directors Guild of Poland. Press Conference

18th september | 01:45PM - 02:45PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
Directors Guild of Poland presents a project of a reform of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. The entire filmmaking community is invited to actively participate in the discussion on the future of the Festival.

BoxOffice - amendment to the cinematography act in terms of audience reporting

18th september | 03:00PM - 04:00PM | Hotel Mercure Gdynia Centre - Omega Room
The amendment to Cinematography Act obliges cinema owners to make daily reports on the number of cinemagoers, tickets sold and revenue. Will the new box office become a reference point for all entities participating in film production, distribution and screening? What solutions were introduced in other countries? We invited representatives from various fields to allow for full spectrum of opinions. Guests: Stanisław Wojtera (Head of Development Department, PFI), Mariusz Łukomski (Monolith Films), Magdal...