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Plac Grunwaldzki 1
80-372 Gdynia
tel. 58 621-15-09
The Festival centre, the most important place on its map. It is here that the Main Competition films screenings, author meetings and the GFF official opening and closing ceremonies are held. THE FESTIVAL RECEPTION DESK is next to the entrance to the Festival Centre in Musical Theatre. The 

Gdynia Film Centre

Plac Grunwaldzki 2
80-372 Gdynia
tel. 58 621-15-09
The Gdynia Film Centre, among others, screenings and press conferences. The seat of the Festival Office and the Press Office.


ul. Waszyngtona 21
81-342 Gdynia
The Multikino of Gdynia hosts the screenings of the best Polish films in eight comfortable screening rooms. Conferences and press screenings are also held here. The building is adjusted to the needs of the disabled and of parents with children in baby carriages. The rooms can host 2144 viewers.