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Maria Sadowska

Defiant and uncompromising. She follows her own path, shuns sensation and publicity. Maria Sadowska has been present on the Polish music stage for over twenty years. Her versatility enables her to combine such different genres as jazz, funk, electronic music or pop. She is a recognised singer, director, composer and author of lyrics. She released eleven albums (including two in Japan). The breakthrough in her career was the Tribute to Komeda album (Golden Album) which found its place in the history of Polish music. She graduated from the Directing Department of the Łódź Film School and for years she has been successfully running film projects. Her feature-length debut, Women’s Day, had its premiere at the 2012 Gdynia Film Festival. It received many awards in Poland and around the world, including the Grand Prix at the 2012 Cottbus Festival of the East European Cinema. In April 2014 she released her album Jazz na ulicach (Golden Album). Her latest film, The Art of Love, had its premiere in 2017. It received lots of positive reviews and ranked top of the Polish box office. Currently she is working on her premiere material.