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Ilona Łepkowska

Film and television screenwriter and producer. She graduated from the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw and in Screenwriting from the Łódź Film School. She made her debut in 1983 with a screenplay of a TV film Holidays with Madonna. Author or co-author of such films as: By Touch, Kocham kino, Oh, Charles!, Hotch-Potch, Topsy Turvy, or Hotch- Potch II, Matrimonial Comedy, Never Ever!, Don’t Lie, Darling, Oh, Charles! 2, Miszmasz, czyli kogel-mogel 3. She was also the co-producer of the last four titles. Co-creator of TV series The Clan, For Better and for Worse, L for Love, Colors of Happiness, Century of the Guilty. She lectures at film schools and screenwriting courses. In 2016, she made her debut as a writer with a novel entitled Pani mnie z kimś pomyliła. For a few years now she has been a regular columnist for “Teletydzień”. This year she was chosen to be the President of the Screenwriters’ Guild of Poland.