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Information about accreditation

Accreditation for the 42nd Polish Film Festival is a personal ID card authorising its owner to:

  • enter the film screenings held in the Festival Centre in the Musical Theatre (without the need of booking a seat), film screenings on the New Stage of the Musical Theatre (with prior online booking of a seat), and film screenings in Multikino in Gdynia (with prior online seat booking) – applicable to all types of accreditation,
  • receive the Festival package including the Festival catalogue and other promotional materials – applicable to all types of accreditation,
  • participate in the Festival’s acocmpanying events, excluding closed events to which separate invitations apply – applicable to all types of accrditation,
  • enter the press screenings – applicable to media accreditation,
  • enter the press conferences – applicable to industry and media accreditation.

INDUSTRY ACCREDITATION is intended for the representatives of the film industry, i.e. producers, distributors, film institutions’ representatives, film events’ representatives and other people related to the film market in Poland and abroad.

The sale of accreditation ended on 7th September 2017.